How to fabricate, out of mostly recycled materials, an ultraviolet nighttime bug trap, since ultraviolet light attracts most insects. Tired of nighttime critters and drowning in bug spray? Try this blacklight device to control mosquitoes and other nighttime insects.

Project Steps

Parts you need: 115-volt plug with cord, metal strapping, 115-volt fan, pantyhose (with legs cut off), scrap plywood, light socket, old flowerpot, 100-watt blacklight, pop rivets and/or bolts, and screws.

Cut hole in flower pot to the size of the fan, and if you wish, paint the inside white to be more reflective.

Cut piece of plywood with same size hole as the fan and the flowerpot then screw flowerpot to it.

Bend metal strapping around the light socket and pop-rivet, screw or bolt into flowerpot. Or bolt light socket on, depending on what light socket you are using.

Cut another piece of wood and attach to the bottom for a base. You can either place it on a table, or hang it.

Screw the fan on minding the direction of the air flow. You want the suction blowing towards the back of hose.

With wire nuts or crimp-on connectors, wire the fan, the light bulb and the plug wires together.

Cut the legs off the pantyhose and attach to the fan, and secure with rope or tie wrap, then tie the legs together in a knot.

Plug it in, and now you can enjoy sitting out on your patio at night, or working in your workshop with a non-pesticide solution to your bug problems.