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Project Steps

Wrap a balloon in papier-mâché, let dry, and craft ears with rolled-up newspaper. Get a kitten to help you.

Cut a hole for your melon to fit through and some eye holes in Nyan cat’s mouth.

Stuff the inside of the head with material or newspaper so your head fits securely/comfortably inside.

Sew a big tan rectangle for the pop tart, leaving holes for arms, head and the entire bottom portion open like a T-shirt.

Sew a T-shirt or sweatshirt inside the pop tart, closing up around the arm and neck holes – this makes it so you can add stuffing to the shoulders.

Add your frosting and sprinkles (felt) with hot glue. Easy.

The head is made by stretching and hot-gluing felt over the papier-mâché.

Get some flexible beading thread. It’s clear plastic and has some give so it wont hurt your EL as you move around. Whip-stitch it around the EL going all the way down the length of the pants.

You can be a super cool maker and use an Ardruino to create your sequencer. OR you can be a lazy, last-minute costume maker like me and buy a sequencer ready-made. :/

The 9v battery ran out in about an hour, so I put together a pack of 6 AA batteries to replace it.

I hid a shuffle player and battery-powered speaker in the foot for maximum Nyan annoyance.



Fun costume to make. Only a handful of people knew what I was, but it was a blast anyway.