I can’t think of a more perfect cocktail than an Old Fashioned. It’s a delicious combination of bourbon and fruit. The bourbon warms you up, while the fruit reminds you of warmer days. It’s sweet, and it’s bitter, just like life.

The Old Fashioned is a great basic cocktail for any level of home mixologist. The ingredients are simple staples of any bar, and you can never get bored practicing refining this drink. If you are looking for a challenge, check out this CRAFT video to learn how to make a batch of homemade brandied cherries. I would say that most bartenders rely on a sugar cube for sweetness, but I don’t love grains of sugar in the bottom of my glass. During a recent discussion with a true cocktail geek, Josh Perez, I learned that simple syrup is a perfectly cromulent substitution. I hope you enjoy making this drink as much as I enjoy consuming it.

Recipe originally featured on CRAFT.

Project Steps

Fruit and syrup

Slice an orange and put half the slice into the glass along with a cherry.

Pour 1/4 oz of simple syrup into the glass, or if you prefer, add a sugar cube.


Pour a dash of Angostura bitters in.


Muddle the fruit and sugar together in the bottom of the glass. Use a wooden muddler to avoid damaging the glassware.

Ice and bourbon

Add ice to the glass. The giant cubes are perfect because they are so slow to melt.

Top with 2 oz of your preferred bourbon. Cheers!