Project Steps

Make an easy Origami Heart.

Start with paper color side down.

Fold a + in the paper.

Fold bottom edge to center crease. Crease well.

Turn paper over.

Fold as shown in picture 3.

Do the same on other side. This is called an airplane fold.

The first picture shows the paper after your airplane fold.

Turn the unit over.

Fold another airplane fold as shown.

Fold top point down to bottom. Crease only the center color section. Do not crease the white.

Fold back the top section to reveal the white.

Unfold. Fold the white tips inward along the crease.

Unfold the white tips.

Open one side just a bit, and reverse your fold. We are hiding the white tips inside.

It should look like picture 3.

Fold top point down to bottom again.

Press down the center to form triangles as in picture 2.

Fold each corner as shown.

Open the top flap. There is a little pocket on the bottom.

Being very careful, insert the top point into the bottom pocket. This will lock the heart in place.

This is what it looks like after being tucked in.

Now just fold the top down a bit. This will make the curve of the heart.

Turn it over and there you have it!

Put a pin on the back and wear it for Valentine’s Day.