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Want to send your Valentine a really special message this February 14th? Here’s an animated pop-up card you can make for Valentine’s Day. When you slowly open the card, a hand sweeps across and moves the heart-shaped planchette over the Ouija board, spelling out the message: “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!” It’s both mysterious and romantic, perfect for any secret admirer to make and send.

It’s also easy to make: just download the 2 graphics files. Print them on cardstock, or laminate a paper printout onto thin cardboard. Cut out the hand and the long tab on the solid lines (don’t forget to cut out the circular hole in the planchette). Use a small ⅛”-diameter punch to make the two holes in the hand and one hole in the tab. Score and slightly bend the tab on the dotted line.

Carefully score and fold the body of the card on the dotted line. Cut the slot and the small hole in the card with a sharp hobby knife. To assemble, use a brass brad to fasten the tab to the hand, then thread the tab through the slot in the card. Finally, fasten the hand to the card with a second brass brad. (The brads even look like 2 little brass buttons!)

Check the action by opening and closing the card and make any fine adjustments to the brads for smooth and easy movement. Well done, mystery Valentine!

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