Hello from Julie’s Craft Room!

Today I will show you how to make paper ornaments. They are super duper cute and very easy! I’ve seen this concept around a lot lately and wanted to try it.

The trick to these is in the technique of getting the creased paper to all adhere around a central point in a flower shape. On my first attempt I honestly had a hard time getting the flower shape to come together. But after I got the hang of it, I thought that the outcome was so cute that I have since made a few more.

You could also take the same measurement and make a snowman by placing two of the balls on top of each other. I may have to try this later!

Have fun and share what you make in the comments below.

Happy Making!

Project Steps

Cut paper

Grab your paper and cut the following sizes:

  • four pieces 1¼”×12″
  • two pieces 1½”×12″
  • two pieces 1″×12″

Get strips ready to tape

Lay out your pieces as shown in the first picture. The middle layer is the widest, and the first and last layers are the thinnest. Notice that the lengths also go from small to medium to large and back down. This will give you a ball look to your ornament.

For each of the adjacent pieces, tape them together.


I use a crease board, but it’s not mandatory. You can just as easily use a straightedge such as the spine of a book.

Measure and then fold every ½” in an accordion style.

Tape again

Make each piece into a circle by taping the ends together. I like to re-enforce my folds at this point.

Flower time

This part can be a bit challenging. Take your time it will work, I promise!

Gently push the top (raw edge) of your paper toward the middle and flat down onto your work surface. I like to do this a few times before applying glue.

You can use wax paper if you wish, which will help the glue to not stick to your work surface. Then, put a bit of glue on the paper, then push your center down to make the flower. Make sure your glue is in the center of your flower

Hold it there for a few seconds, or until you think it’s dry. Voila, you made your first flower!


I used a bit of ribbon, tied it together and put it in the center with the glue before pushing it together. Then you will have a nice sturdy way to hang your masterpiece.

Top it with a bow if you wish.

Going further

We’ve just used this method to create a spherical ornament. However, if you make your flowers going from very wide to very thin, you can make a Christmas tree. Experiment with different measurements of paper to create your own festive decorations!