Project Steps

Get a mechanical pencil.

Disassemble the pencil.

Set up the inside and outside pieces side-by-side, having the back touch as shown.

Mark the end of the outer piece, just leaving some space for the the inner piece to stick out.

Cut on the marked line.

Set up the action.

Bend the paperclip into a hook.

Attach the rubber band to the hook and twist the hook to close it.

Place the hook (action) into the wide-end hole of the smaller piece.

Push the action farther into the hole.

Hot glue the action.

Get the tip of the pencil.

Set it up touching the outside piece, towards the cut end of the shooter.

Hot glue it there.

Place the action (the inner piece) into the larger “barrel.”

Pull the rubber band over the glued-on tip.

This is your final product!

To load and fire the gun:

Take the back of the action and pull it back. Hold.

Load the ammunition directly into the barrel.

Tip up the shooter so the ammo falls back into the barrel, touching the action.

Now, brace the shooter (you might need 2 hands) and let go!

Sucessful fire!