This is how I put together a pretty geeky but fun costume! Mario Brothers comes to life in a sexy piranha plant!

Project Steps

Wish I had taken pictures during construction but I put this together 15 hours before Halloween so I had a deadline! The parts I had already were a green leotard, green metallic leggings, some old boots (seen here covered in duct red duct tape) and a red boa for sex appeal.

I bought silk leaves from Michael’s to cover the leotard so it had a poison-ivy / piranha-plant look to it. These were then glued on or stapled (depending on the look). This picture was taken after Halloween so some of the leaves have fallen off. Glue worked better than staples.

The most important aspects of the mask are that it is lightweight and durable, and you are able to drink through it. I used a black mesh inside the mouth so no one could see my face. There’s also a hole in the mesh so a beer bottle can fit perfectly and I don’t need to take the mask off. The teeth are made of folded posterboard.

The frame of the mask is made of cardboard boxes (mostly from that I folded and duct-taped together. I used red duct tape to get the color and taped on white cut-out paper dots. I added a Mario hand coming out of the teeth since he was just eaten.

I ended up making a utility belt for my purse. You can see it in the second picture. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I currently have of that night. I clearly dwarf my friend but it was a surprisingly comfortable and creepy outfit!