This year, instead of blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, I ended up blowing out the flaming orifice of a pizza volcano. I based the experiment on the results of a Google search for “pizza volcano,” which yielded some interesting video documentation but no recipes or instructions for making one. So in the interest of unorthodox birthdays to come, I’ve compiled some documentation of my pizza volcano ventures.

My version of a pizza volcano consists of a round calzone-like object made from two circular pieces of dough. The finished dish can be presented with flames erupting from the center, so a small indentation is pressed into the apex of the dough to accommodate a tiny lake of fire.

Editor’s note: the heat from the freshly baked pizza will cause the alcohol to begin to vaporize, making it easier to light. High-proof spirits will light even more easily. We recommend lighting it while it’s still hot, lest you wind up with a soggy, vodka-drenched pizza.