You will use simple drill, cutting skills on PVC pipe with a few screws to raise the bar on your video capture needs.

Project Steps

Weigh your camera — you need the a little more weight as the camera your going to use below the fulcrum.

the more distance you add below the fulcrum the less weight you need. — camera=10.9 oz. (310g) below fulcrum 24in. + 8.8oz. ~ 9 oz. = 126inch-ounce of torque

measure and mark your cuts that you calculated or eyeball it like I did on my first one

Cut use a metal blade

Drill pilot holes

create a camera mount. anything from using a tripod quick release shoe (like me) to sliding mounts.

assemble all the parts

make sure on the gimbal (where the haddle attaches to the upright tube) not to tighten the screws all the way so it can pivot freely.

Ballance — attache your camera and count how many seconds it takes to fall. 2-3 perfect, less than 1=too heavy use less weight, 3 or more=too light use more weight.

Congratulations you finished!