This is a simple project that can be completed in an afternoon once you’ve scrounged up all the components.

Project Steps

Gather your materials. you will need:

A pair of shoes

Trucks and wheels from two skateboards

16 each 10-24 flathead screws

16 each 10-24 locknuts

1/8″ Aluminum Plate 3″x9″

To make things more comfortable, you will want to have as much padding over the screws as possible. So take whatever you can out of the shoe.

I pulled out the inserts and another layer that was glued down. Be careful pulling this stuff out; you are going to want to put it back in after your trucks are installed.

Put masking tape on the soles so that you can mark where you want to drill.

Place the skateboard trucks on the bottom of the shoe and mark where the holes should go.

Make sure the trucks are centered and straight.

Drill holes and insert bolts.

Bolt the trucks on.

Use locknuts on all the bolts to keep things from falling off.

You may want to add an aluminum plate or some other brace to stiffen the bottom.

Put the liners back in the shoes.

Enjoy at your local Roller Disco!