For too long my workbench has been home to a jumbled collection of miscellaneous wire spools. I searched a bit for a commercial solution without any luck. Then suddenly a simple solution came to mind – curtain rod brackets!

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Project Steps

Find a suitable place for mounting the rack. Close to your work area is usually ideal.

Measure the desired length you’d like the rack to be, and mark the dowel for cutting.

Cut the dowel to the desired length.

Mark and drill holes for the brackets using a pencil/marker.

Use a ruler+level for accuracy. Since I mounted mine on a shelf, I used the shelf as a guide.

Mount the brackets in their new home.

Rod brackets usually come with appropriate wood screws for mounting. Since I mounted mine to metal, I used similar size nuts, bolts & washers I had on hand.

Thread your wire spools onto the dowel.

Secure the dowel in place via the bracket thumbscrews.

Done. Enjoy a more orderly workspace and convenient access to various wire types!