What you will need

  • Aluminum window mesh
  • 3 packages of artificial/acrylic hair
  • 1 pair of nude color stalking
  • Invisible thread
  • Hot glue & gun
  • Fiberfil
  • Foam-clay (for the eyes)
  • Binding tape
  • 1 yard of thick yarn
  • Iron

Project Steps

The application of hair will be a little frustrating, as is tends to go all over the place.

Getting the “Joey-Do” just right can be achieved by using an iron set on “low/linen”. The hair may get a little sticky, but don’t worry, most acrylic hair is fire proof.

Tommy’s face was much easier to construct since he normally always wore shades.

The eyes are simply made with foam-clay and then painted.

Johnny’s signature bowl haircut can be more precisely executed if straighter hair is used for his wig.

Dee Dee’s faces requires substantial molding to accurately represent his facial features.

I attempted to give his cheeks a more hollow look by adding deep creases in his face.