The Raspberry Pi is great for all sorts of small computing applications — 3D printing servers, in-car computing, and more. But the Pi can also be the beating heart of a classic video arcade machine. And who doesn’t want one of those?

Using a distribution of Raspbian maintained by Shea Silverman called PiPlay, this Weekend Project will have you up and running some of your favorite, classic games of the 8-bit era on your a $35 ARM-based computer in no time.

To keep things simple, we’ll use the Arduino Esplora as our game controller. The Esplora is a unique entry into the Arduino family of microcontrollers. It has a number of control inputs preinstalled on the board, and the layout is familiar to anyone who has held a modern game controller. What’s more, the Esplora shares the same chipset as the Arduino Leonardo, which allows it to emulate a keyboard when plugged into a computer. This makes it pretty ideal for fast, simple gaming.