This project has been excerpted and modified from Make: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi — 2nd Edition.

Once you’ve booted and configured your Raspberry Pi, you’re ready to begin!

What You’ll Be Making

You’ll create a very simple “cat in the box” program using Scratch. You’ll make your cat move in various ways.

Scratch is a visual programming language that allows you to create programs from colorful blocks, each of which performs an operation. You can create animations and games through Scratch’s drag-and-drop interface without actually having to write lines of code. A new programmer can see the blocks of code highlight as they’re executed, and blocks can be changed and the effects seen in real time.

What You’ll Learn

  • What the buttons and toolbars in the Scratch window do
  • How to use blocks to make the Scratch cat move
  • How to change sprites (onscreen characters and objects that can be controlled, such as the cat)
  • How to create your own sprites