I’m going to show you how to make an inexpensive recycled postcard out of things you probably already own and most likely would end up as trash.

Project Steps

To do this postcard you need: – Card in the size you want your postcard to be (you can use an old notebook cover, a cereal box…) – Two types of wrapping paper – Paper glue – A sheet to write your message – Decotape – Pre-cut shapes for embellishment

Let’s start with our card. I used an old notebook cover.

In one of the sides of the card, we spread a nice layer of glue (I used UHU).

We grab the wrapping paper we chose for the outside of your postcard, with the back facing us, and glue our card to the paper.

Now we cut the excess of wrapping paper, as well as irregularities in our card.


Now we fold our card in half.

We put a generous layer of glue on this side.

We grab the 2nd wrapping paper, fold it where we want to coincide with the bending of the card and stick it.

We cut the excess of paper.

We already have our card, now all we have to do is decorate as we want!

For my card, I used decotape in the sides of the card, to enhance the bonding of the wrapping paper, and also to decorate.

On the back I glued some pre-cut paper butterflies, not only for decorating but also to hide some imperfections of the wrapping paper. Never throw away wrapping paper, because you can always disguise the imperfections left by adhesive tape or a creased part with a beautiful decoration!

For the front I used some pre-cut newspaper flowers, another way to recycle!

On the inside, we glue a sheet to write our message.

All done!

For a fullview of all the images, please go to my blog: http://soscraft.blogspot.com