In this guide we will remove goo and stickers with common and nontoxic household materials.

Project Steps

Get something to ungoo.

First you need something to ungoo. I am using this Peanut Butter bottle for this demonstration.

Remove sticker

You should not try to remove the goo at this point.

Remove the sticker itself as much as possible.

Clean Up!

Use hot or warm water to remove the rest of the paper.

Warning! If the object to be de-gooed is plastic, hot water may warp or melt it.

You can use a brush or the scrubbing part of a sponge to help remove the paper.

This step is not necessary if the sticker comes off easily.


Now you will need some Q-tips, i.e., cotton swabs.

A rag or sponge will work.

Cotton balls might also work.


You will also need Vaseline or another grease/oil.

WD-40 might also work.

Peanut butter or olive oil will also. Thanks, Todd Carter!

Grease away!

Get a big glob of grease and smear it on that goo.

Scrub it with the paper towel.

The goo will be gone!

The goo is gone!

The left side has been treated but the right side has not.