The beef burger is one of the mainstays of the barbecue season, and these rice crispy burgers are a flexible addition to any party menu. Rice Krispies work well in this recipe, because they offer a delicate flavor, light texture, and are a safe alternative to breadcrumbs for most celiacs.

You can make these burgers throughout the barbecue season, starting out during the warm summer evenings with the basic recipe, and then switching to the spicier alternative mix with chili, mace, and dried basil when autumn arrives.

I smile every time I make these burgers, remembering the time that I held a boat party, the time our alcohol-fueled party ran across the open fields hunting for wild jacket potatoes, and the beach party where we all caught a dozen mackerel in as many minutes.

All of my friends love the taste of these rice crispy burgers, and I hope that you and your friends will try them and love them, too.