Here’s a super easy and fast project: eyes that seem to follow you wherever you stand! Use these for your Halloween props, spell books, or practically anything. They make awesome refrigerator magnets.

Project Steps


Find images of eyes online, then print and cut out irises about ½” in diameter. I like to use Terra’s Halloween Eyes.

Brush glue on the backs of the gems, apply the irises facedown, and press out any air bubbles. Let dry, then add a second coat to “decoupage” the iris to the gem.


Pinch a few red yarn fibers and arrange them on the back of the gem.







It’s OK if they stick out the sides. Coat with glue.


While the glue is wet, cover the back of the eye with white paper, press out bubbles, and let dry.

Cut off excess yarn and paper around the edges. For more durable eyes, decoupage once more.


That’s it! You now have eyes that follow you. Place them so they’re facing you — on a prop, or with a magnet on the refrigerator. Now walk around and see how the eye seems to be always looking at you!