SportsWeek_Badge_bur01With a piezo disc and some basic electronic components, any surface can be transformed into a giant musical controller and played through your iOS device using open-source software. In this tutorial, we will learn how to sonify skateboard elements such as grind rails, half-pipes, launch ramps, and fun boxes and turn any skate surface into a musical playground. Customize your skateboarding experience with your own sounds and create your own musical composition/performance/sound art.

Skatehack action



You will need:


How does it work?
The piezo disc connects in the mobile device’s input jack and triggers sounds when hit using MobMuPlat’s open source software platform. Audio signals from the piezo are converted into .wav file triggers. MobMuPlat is an open-source software platform which runs Pure Data on iOS devices. With MobMuPlat you can program which sounds to trigger inside the app with .wav and .aif file extensions.

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