I love digging in my recycling bin for potential craft materials. A recent surplus of empty plastic soda bottles inspired this easy organizer, which is endlessly customizable. Use any size bottles you like, and arrange them in a configuration that fits on your desk or in a drawer.


  • Empty plastic bottles (about 6) washed and dried. I’m using 16.9oz soda bottles.
  • Utility knife
  • Strong scissors
  • Old newspapers
  • Spray paint that adheres to plastic I’m using Krylon Fusion.
  • Clear acrylic sealer (optional)
  • Thin acrylic felt
  • Plastic glue See note below.
  • Small paper clips
  • Craft glue

Materials Note: This project requires a glue that will adhere well to plastic, but won’t eat through spray paint or sealer. I get good results from Aleene’s Glass and Bead Glue. E6000, on the other hand, eats through the paint.