Inspired by the summer trend, “stacked” beaded bracelets are seen in magazines like Seventeen and Instyle and worn by celebs like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens. This easy and quick D.I.Y. will have you rockin’ your beaded bracelets all season long.

Project Steps



G-S Hypo Cement or Craft Glue

Various styles of small to medium beads (the number depends on wrist size)

Charm and jump ring for center of bracelet

Elastic cord

Tools: Measuring tape; scissors; adhesive tape; chain nose and round nose pliers.

Measure your wrist (I measured mine at 6½”). The number of beads you will need depends on your wrist size.

Typical measurements are: small 6-7½; medium 7½-8; large 8½-9.

Add 5 inches and cut elastic cord to length. Add a jump ring to the charm using chain nose & round nose pliers and thread the charm on the cord.

Place the charm in the center of the cord. Add your beads on one side of the charm until you reach 1 inch from end. Tape cord to keep beads from coming off.

Add beads on the other side of the charm until you reach 1 inch from the end.

Grab the cord ends and tie two overhand knots.

Put a drop of craft glue or G-S Hypo Cement on the knot. Let dry overnight then cut ends with scissors.

Now wear your new bracelets and rock your fashion world!