This favorite stage prop launches streams of toilet paper into mid-air, or can completely mummify someone in the front row.


This project originally appeared in Make: Vol. 8

Project Steps

Attach the roll holder

Bend the aluminum rod at a 90 ̊ angle, 23″ from one end. This will be the roll holder.

Use 2 brackets and screws to attach the rod to one side of the leaf blower nozzle, screwing directly into the plastic. Attach one bracket about halfway down the nozzle, and the other about 1″ from the base. The bend that holds the TP roll should be about 31⁄2″ in front of the tip of the nozzle, and aligned with its lower edge so that the air stream hits the top of the roll, spinning it forward and carrying the paper away.

Carefully drill a pilot hole into the aluminum rod behind the bottom bracket, and use another machine screw to secure the rod to the nozzle. This will keep the roll holder from detaching during use.

Attach the stabilizer

On the galvanized steel, cut a channel from the side of the bar into one of the holes 3–4 holes down from one end. It should be wide enough to accommodate the roll holder rod.

Use a couple of screws and washers to attach the steel bar to the other side of the leaf blower nozzle, with the cut-
through hole in front. The end of the roll holder should pull back and nestle into the stabilizer’s channel and hole, under some tension.

Load and fire!

Plug in the leaf blower. Tip up the holder bar and load a TP roll, with the loose end of the paper facing forward over the top of the roll. Lock the bar back into the stabilizer, and fire away!

You may need to make some adjustments to work out the kinks, but we’ll leave that up to your own creativity. Once the device operates smoothly and efficiently, place Phenomenauts stickers on the nozzle and the motor body of the blower. You are now the proud owner of a brand new Streamerator 2000!

WARNING: Point away from face (yours or anyone else’s)! The Phenomenauts assume no liability for any damage this device may cause!