OK, so I didn’t really use beer bottles, but it’s the same idea. This project is a cheap, easy way to make a perch for your bird. Plus, it looks better than most store-bought, cheaply painted models!


Project Steps

Begin by taking the labels off of your bottles. I chose two clear orange-soda bottles and removed the labels by soaking them in water. After a quick rubdown with a towel, all the glue was gone.

Now measure out the desired length of your dowel. I used about a foot-long section of dowel.

When you have measured and cut your dowel to your desired length, use a marker to mark where it will sit on the edges of the rim of the bottles. Then cut out notches in the dowel with your hacksaw. These notches should fit snugly over the mouth of the bottle.

To cut out the notches: Cut the sides of the notch, then make a cut in the middle. Twist the blade of your saw and the pieces should snap out. Also, make sure that the notches are not right at the end of your dowel so that cutting them doesn’t break off the end.

Before you secure the dowel, add water or rocks to the bottles for weight and stability. Then use some wire to wrap around the mouth of the bottle and the dowel.

If you have a larger bird I would suggest using glue in the notches and also gluing the bottom of the bottles to a board to prevent tipping. My small parakeet can sit very comfortably on this perch.

You’re done! Make sure that there are no wire ends sticking out that your bird could hurt himself on.

Place it on a sturdy surface!