I built this for a bicycle parade (Tour de Fat). My friend Joe Struttmann and I cooked and handed out hamburgers and hot dogs during the parade and collected donations for a homeless shelter.

This guide documents the build process of the Bike Buh Cue. There is no welding, just some simple bicycle “wrenching”.

Project Steps

You need to start out with a tandem bicycle. This is one I welded together from two “normal” inexpensive steel mountain bikes, but a commercially made tandem is a better choice.

The next major item you will need is either an old adult tricycle or a “trike” kit. I have a couple of old adult trikes, so one donated its rear end for the project.

It’s a simple matter to undo a couple of bolts, and use a chain tool to break the chain. The rear end of the trike can then be attached to the tandem bike.

At this point, what you have is a tandem tricycle. In order for the cook to access the grill, the rear (stoker’s) saddle has to be turned back. Some seat posts, especially the expensive ones, don’t have the range of adjustability to do this. The cheapo seat posts of very inexpensive department store bikes work great.

A platform needs to be made from plywood and attached to the basket’s frame (with the basket not in place). Attachment is done with a series of holes drilled through the plywood, and secured with zip ties. Note that there must be a gap between the plywood and the rear triangle so that the cook’s legs/feet can fit through.

The final arrangement looks like this. The Weber charcoal grill is put in place with screws and locknuts.

In operation, the cook faces backward and does not pedal. Note the location of my feet. Extra buns and stuff were hung on the stoker’s handlebar. I added a small flag, with a donation can.

The rider must be strong. Joe is pulling about 400 lbs of metal and flesh. It helps that he’s a bicycle racer. We worked out a technique: I’d cook and hand off the sandwich to the rider, who would then get in front and receive condiments from Joe.

You can see the Bike Buh Cue in action on my YouTube video.