Project Steps

Cut box top and bottom as seen here.

Hot-glue top flaps together.

Spray-paint box.

Allow 24 hours to dry.

Cut paper plates to appropriate size for box.

Paint wheels with black acrylic paint.

Allow 1 hour to dry.

Creating Rosie’s window and siding.

The box should be dry now. Paint it the main color of the train that you’re making.

Paint the top of the box black.

This will be the coal box.

Start to shape the body of the character. The details shown here are made from white paper bags fastened with hot glue. You can just paint them on also.

Outline the windows.

The ladder is made out of paper bag handles.

Paint another paper bag black for the coal.

Don’t forget the buffers. (Big deal for the kids.)

Cut your coal up into strips and hot glue them on. Sorry no pic.

Hot glue some straps on.

Pin it on a kid.

Add some face paint.

Some spider web for Percy the Ghost Train.

And presto! Go get some candy.

Lesson learned: Never go trick-or-treating in the cold rain.