When I used to live in a tiny home, I wanted a cake stand permanently camped out on the counter to display sweet treats and other bites of goodness. But counter space was sparse, so I simply sighed a lot as I put my baked goods into boring square glass containers with lids. Once, I happened upon a smaller cake stand, perfect for showcasing a single cupcake, and danced it home, where I discovered that even that little stand had no place to settle. I thought, if only I could find an even smaller cake stand, perhaps I could find a spot for it and its sweet (if only temporary) tenant. I never did find a smaller stand, but instead, I dreamed up this nifty project using vintage wooden spools of thread and round wooden drink coasters. I think these sweet stands are quite perfect for a mad tea party that features a variety of itty-bitty scrumptious treats. If you cannot find any suitable coasters, you can hit up your local craft store for a pack of wooden discs at least 1 1/2″ across.

Project originally posted on CRAFT.