Do you want to have a sub-machine airsoft gun?

This sub-machine airsoft gun is inexpensive. Make one yourself!

Project Steps


1=Bottle; 2=Heat-shrink tubing; 3=Adhesive tape; 4=Tube; 5=Long tube or casing from a felt-tip pen (the size of Airsoft’s ball); 6=Butane lighter; 7=Saw; 8=Rubber or plastic hose; 9=Compressed-air blowgun; 10=Hot-glue gun.

11=Drill (not shown).

First, drill a hole in the cap of the bottle.

Glue the large tube to the cap.

When the glue has set, drill a hole in the end of the large tube and another hole in its side. Cut the smaller tube (to create the gun’s barrel) to a length of 2 inches.

Glue the small tube to the hole in the end of the large tube.

Flare the end of the rubber hose with a suitable tool (pen, stick, china marker, felt-tip pen, etc.).

Cut the nozzle of the blowgun to 1 inch long.

Fit the hose over the nozzle.

Glue the hose to the nozzle. When the glue has set, cut a piece of heat-shrink tubing 0.7 inches long and place it over the joint.

Shrink the tubing using a butane lighter.

Wrap the end of the blowgun with adhesive tape to make the connection airtight. Place the end of the rubber hose into the hole in the side of the tube and wrap that joint with adhesive tape also.

Here is how the assembly should look at this point.

More decoration.


1=Rain gutter; 2=Paint (whatever color you prefer!).

Cut a length of the rain gutter, and in the bottom of it draw a slot large enough to fit over the top of the blowgun.

Now, drill a large hole and finish the slot with a file.

Paint all the parts. When the paint is dry you can assemble everything. Slip the gutter over the blowgun and glue it into place.

The last step is to glue the bottlecap-and-tube assembly on top of the blowgun.

The barrel must be aligned with the blowgun, or your new airsoft gun will have very poor accuracy.

You have finished your airsoft sub-machine gun. The ammo you will need is:

Airsoft balls;

Compressed air.

This toy is for kids 13 years and older.