sandal sand stamper.2Here’s a fun and easy project for summer: Hack a pair of flip-flops so they make designs in the sand as you walk. Just add a bit of Sugru to your sandals and start stamping!

Project Steps


First, clean the bottom of your flip-flops thoroughly with some vinegar water to get rid of any grease or loose dirt. Dry off the soles completely so the Sugru will stick and stay on.

sandal sand stamper.1
sandal ssna stamper.3


Open the pack and knead the Sugru until it’s pliant and soft, then form the shapes you want. Make shapes by first rolling out a small “snake,” then press it into the sole of the flip-flop. Spread the bottom out and press down firmly for good adhesion. Don’t make tiny details — you won’t really see them in the sand. Think simple and bold shapes. Make letters, numbers, emoji, symbols, and designs but whatever you make, remember to make it backward, like on a rubber stamp!

sandal test 3@72


Press down all around the edges of the Sugru. For best results, form your designs with a triangular cross-section, as shown, to maximize adhesion and eliminate any undercuts. Let the Sugru cure for 24 hours, then go sand stamping!

Works best in moist sand. I got great results even with a tired old pair of flip-flops and a packet of expired Sugru.

What design will you make? Happy stamping!