The holidays are fast approaching, and if you are anything like me, you aren’t ready. I was thinking back about crafts I remember making as a child, and this one was always fun. My mother used to give me her old Readers Digest to use.

One thing though… do not use a Make: magazine! They should always stay in your library to refer back too!

I scored this magazine from my husband’s office, where he keeps tons of old issues. Hopefully he shouldn’t miss just one!

This tree really can be used for any holiday or event, just change the decoration and voila, you have another purpose.

Happy crafting!

Project Steps

Prepare the magazine

Find a magazine you don’t mind folding and cutting.

Remove the front and back cover. They are usually thicker.

Start folding

You can start on any page of the magazine. I’m starting on the front.
Fold the top right corner down to form a triangle.

Fold this piece down again. (These steps kind of remind me of making a paper airplane.)

TIP: Remember to crease well.


Turn your page. You will see a smaller triangle at the bottom of the turned page.

Fold up the triangle so that it is even with the page.

Tuck the triangle inside the other folds. It may pop out while you are folding the other pages, that’s ok. Once you have a few pages folded they will stay together.

Continue with all the pages.


Now you have an easy, fast, and super cute holiday tree. You can spray paint it whatever color you wish. I personally like the original look to it.

If you don’t like it plain, use some colored small balls and hot glue them to the tree. You can even make small bows to decorate or anything else that suits your fancy. Have fun!