This is a basic technique for using an old CD to create a unique tabletop terrain piece.

Project Steps

Find a CD that you’re never going to use again.

Scratch the surface with some sandpaper. This helps the paint to stick. Make sure you use the side without the label. Older CDs can have the label pull up and ruin all your hard work.

You don’t want to have a giant hole in your terrain piece. You can cover it with a bit of masking tape.

Now you can add your base coat. Use something cheap like craft acrylic paints. I used Burnt Sienna here. The color depends on what kind of terrain you’re looking for. Use green for grass and a tan for sand

This step requires glue and flock. Check your local hobby store for Woodlands Scenics products. You want to select a set that fits the type of terrain and the size of your miniatures.

Cover the entire base with white glue. This works great because it dries clear.

Put the CD in a large container with sides. Sprinkle the flock on top of the CD. Don’t be stingy. You can shake off the excess and reuse it later.

Now you can populate your CD with good bits of terrain. Rocks from the yard will work, as will sticks and other items. I used Hirst Arts rock molds here and some Woodlands Scenics bushes. White glue is used again. It is flexible enough to give you a good hold that will last a long time.

You can add a few different colors of flock at this stage. It gives the piece more flavor. Sprinkling it on the bushes will add some contrast as well.

Mix a batch of glue and water. 50/50 works as a start. Put this in a spray bottle.

Spray the entire piece with the glue mix. I usually go over the edges again after a few hours to add a layer of protection.

Let the piece dry overnight. Once it dries the flock will become solid and your piece is ready for the table.

The 15mm figures in the picture are from Rebel Minis. They are Earth Force Marines.