• We will take a look at the Zeo Platform
  • The Data available with the Raw Data Library
  • How to put together a simple alarm using it.

Project Steps

Create a simple interface cable.

Remove the pins from the header by gently prying up the plastic tabs and pulling the pins out.

Cut one slot off the connector to make it a 5pin instead of 6.

Cut short all the wires except orange, yellow, and black.

Reinsert the pins from left to right orange,yellow,black. (The remaining two slots will be empty)

Create a clipping interface cable (optional so it latches onto Zeo)

Follow the same step as for the simple cable (cut short all wires except orange,yellow,black)

Cut the connector’s side tabs and the extension on the top (see image).

Strip the remaining three wires and crimp on the crimps.

Insert the pins as for the simple cable (orange,yellow,black from left to right)