Hi, all!

This is my tutorial on how to make your very own waterskin! As a kid, hiking through the Rockies, Appalachia and the Alps, I always loved to carry a waterskin instead of a canteen, mainly because it’s easy to handle and not made of rock-hard plastic.

Traditional waterskins were made of cow bladders and coated in resin. Unless you have access to a cow that doesn’t need its bladder anymore, I think this might be a little bit easier to do. I haven’t been able to find a DIY tutorial for one of these and thought it would be a great idea to share my design with everyone.

If you have an old T-shirt, towel, or other fabric that you loved, but can’t wear/use anymore (like a ripped T-shirt, or old jeans that don’t fit), this is a perfect project for you. And I’m betting that everyone has these materials readily available. Let’s get started.