This year we are going with a spider-themed house and we will have a “Hedge of Heads” that showcases spiderweb-wrapped heads, etc. (doll parts) trapped in webbing on the hedges or bushes (creepy both day & night). This simple guide will show how we create creepy web-wrapped heads.

Project Steps

Examples of WebHeads

Here are a few completed heads (not yet installed into hedge) wrapped up and ready to go.

The excess webbing you see will be spread out on the bush or hedge once installed.

You will need ....

Doll parts!! The more the merrier! Here is a pile of whole heads and half-shells of doll faces …. doll arms … doll legs …. you get the idea. Some have been scorched from a previous year’s zombie theme or ???

You will also need some webbing they sell for spiderweb decor at the party stores, etc. It comes in a sort of sheet of threads that you can spread apart into webbing. I tear off small bits for the wraps.

Lay out the webbing.

Tear a small (1/2 inch or so) strand off the webbing mass. Yank or pull on this to “fluff” it up, then spread it out on a smooth surface.

Fold layer over once to create a thicker rectangle of webbing.

Place doll head in center of web.

Cup the head and pull the webbing up around the head, like wrapping a gift basket from bottom to top. Stretch out the strands to fully envelop the head.

You should end up with a “ponytail” of webbing on top of the doll head, ready to tie off.

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down!

Once you have the wrapping up around the head you need to tie it securely with a length of string. I am using black string so it will disappear in the dark but it really does not show much if it’s another color.

You can use the string to hang the head or secure it to a bush branch to help keep goblins from running off with your props.

Another approach to wrapping ....

The previous example wrapped the web around the head in a “gift basket” style (bottom to top). This example will roll the head in the webbing in a “cocoon” style. Great for half-shell heads and small parts.

Lay the head on one side of your web. Fold web over in a criss-cross fashion, roll over once, then tuck in web to secure. Continue rolling up head until 3/4 of webbing has been used.

Turn head sideways so that remaining webbing is above the head.

Secure with String!

Same idea as the full heads: secure the remaining webbing up on top of the head with string. Add a spider for decor.

More than just heads!

Wrap up other little bits to strew here and there in your decor. Make sure enough of the item sticks out so people know what it is; not just a wad of cotton-looking thing.

Don't forget the Spiders!

After securing the wrapping with string take time to stick a plastic spider or two into the webbing. Please – no harm to the real spiders.

Hanging Heads.

You don’t have to put the heads in a hedge or bush; you can hang freely as-is. Add some plastic spiders and spread out the webbing a bit.

That’s All, Folks!

Quick and easy. Next I will place them into the hedge and then spread out more webbing over the entire hedge. Then add the big spiders, etc. I’ll post a hedge pic soon.