A Solid Oak Tablet Stand for iPad Air & Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Chances are, you are reading this on some kind of mobile device and if you’re anything like me, it will be a tablet, as I can’t bear the tiny smartphone screens.

Now tablets are great, but the only bugbear I find is reading or watching on them while doing something else can be a pain, as I find myself propping it up on whatever is at hand – so I decided to make an oak tablet stand.

To start with, I planed up 3 pieces of oak from scrap, which was lying around after making garage doors.

Cutting List

Size wise, I’ve gone for the following:

  • Base – 310mm long x 143mm wide x 35mm thick
  • Back Support – 177mm long x 80mm wide x 20mm thick
  • Back Rest – 170mm long x 80mm wide x 16mm thick

I’ve gone for a chunky base so there is a bit of weight to the stand; in my mind, there would be nothing worse than to build a great tablet stand only for it to tip over should you wish to start typing on the tablet, so the chunky base solves that problem.

Also, it’s worth noting that the above sizes are the finished PAR (Planed All Round sizes) so if you’re starting with rough sawn timber, you’ll need to allow for this.

Optional extras that I’ve also used are some felt for an underside to the base and teak oil to give the oak some protection.