Turn fall leaves into a springtime rose. This is a super fast craft and appropriate for toddler helpers.

We discovered the technique by accident on our leaf walk this morning, and it was so delightful we wanted to share it.

The rose is made of leaves, not paper, but the category of Paper Crafts seemed like the best match, somehow.

Project Steps

Find a gingko tree. Here are some in my ‘hood, which is awash in yellow these days. So nice!

Collect at least 10 of the leaves per rose in a variety of sizes. A bit of curl in the small ones is helpful.

Collect the leaves by their stems, rotating for each one.

Continue adding leaves.

I’ve used 11 leaves. I think it’s done.

Tie thin string to keep the stems together. I pulled something from my recycled-gift-ribbon pile. I think it’s a strand of raffia, maybe?

Voilà! A yellow rose made out of fall leaves. I can’t wait to see what happens as it dries.

Let’s go give it to a friend!