How-To: Repair an Old Backpack

As consumers, we can change that pattern. Instead of buying something new for back to school, try mending, renewing, and repairing something. My old backpack was almost worthless. The zipper was broken, the clips were broken, and it was filthy. Instead of replacing it, I set to work fixing it up. It is a very rewarding process, proving that a little elbow grease beats spending hard-earned dollars.

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Flashback: Umbrella Recycling

Mending tips are key to ecofriendliness. Prolonging the life of your belongings is certainly good for the planet. But what do you do with the item at hand if it’s simply beyond repair? Enter the ubiquitous umbrella. Everyone, at some point, has had a broken umbrella. In CRAFT Volume 07, Diane Baker wrote a Recycle […]

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