Grow It Yourself – 3D Printing Living Structures

Pioneering bioartist Oron Catts will give a two-part workshop and lecture at Brooklyn’s Genspace later this month.

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Teeny tiny evil fairy sculptures

British artist Tessa Farmer makes these amazing little vignettes featuring 1-cm-tall skeletal fairies made from “bits of organic material, such as roots, leaves, and dead insects” pitted against actual insects and other, larger taxidermied critters. Both creepy and awesome. Crawsome? [via Dude Craft]

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Grow your own Pumpkinhead

This trick actually came in really handy the last time reckless teenagers accidentally killed a member of my family. It takes several months for the pumpkin to grow into the shape of the victim’s face, but, that’s actually sort of useful because it gives you time to cool down and figure out if you really want to go through with the whole vengeance-from-beyond-the-grave thing or not. If you decide against it, you can always use your hellpumpkin as the world’s creepiest Jack-o’-lantern, which is what I ended up doing. It worked out great, at least until those same reckless teenagers kicked it into a pile of goo on my front porch. That’s irony for you! So now I’m growing another one…

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