Make: Live Wednesday 1/11 (preview video)

Join us Wednesday evening for the next episode of Make: Live, our streaming show and tell! It’s our season two premiere, and we’ll take a peek at projects from the new MAKE Volume 29, learn about an innovative dog toy, and hang out together live in the chat. We also give away a fabulous prize […]

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Beating Heart Headband

In this episode of Becky’s Workshop, learn to make a headband that glows with your heart beat. First construct a stretchy headband from brocade and grosgrain ribbon, then embed the circuit boards and clip the sensor to your ear. You can find the Beating Heart Headband in MAKE v29, and see the complete how-to on […]

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Quick LED Robot Ornament

When Rachel and Lish proposed an ornament swap so close to Christmas, I couldn’t resist crafting on a deadline, so I whipped up a whole bunch of these cardboard LED robot ornaments on Sunday morning. I used what I had at hand- some cardboard, spray paint, and a whole bunch of LEDs. Since I can’t […]

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