Cardboard: In Praise of an Underappreciated Material

Cardboard: In Praise of an Underappreciated Material

You might not be aware of it but your home has an infestation of the most abundant, versatile, free and under-utilized crafting and prototyping material ever made. A gift from the consumer driven economy we overlook everyday.

This material is sitting cluttered in scattered piles in the basement and in crawl spaces, is buried within dusty mounds in the garage and is waiting to be discarded while overflowing in the recycling bin.

The material I am referring to is good old grade-A cardboard!

Free Patterns at Living Crafts

I enjoy reading the news over at Living Crafts, and I recently stumbled upon the nice collection of free patterns they have available. I’m currently partial to the Felted Rose Ornament and the Starry Starry Night Mail Pouch. Walnut Royals and Pumpkin Girl are clever and tickle my funny bone as well. I highly suggest […]