Open Source Photo Motion Control Clearinghouse

Our own Matt Mets just pointed me at, a fantastic online resource for those interested in building and experimenting with moving time-lapse or other DIY photographic motion control applications. They have a bunch of downloadable software and, most interesting to me, promulgate a “reference design” that really helps to quickly wrap your head around the various applications and their hardware and software elements.

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How-To: Open source intervalometer for Canon, Nikon cameras

Instructables user peterdr has put together a really excellent tutorial on how to build his CT-1 open-source hardware intervalometer for Canon and Nikon digital cameras. There’s more info about the project at his personal website, and a parts kit is for sale on

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DIY intervalometer for Nikon DSLR cameras

Etharooni designed this wonderful intervalometer to help him take awesome photos with his camera. He writes: Entry-level Nikon DSLRs don’t have many built in features that the higher-end cameras do, like an interval timer, for instance. It’s an exceedingly useful feature. If you want to take star trails, time lapse, repetitive self-timer shooting, or whatever, […]

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