Modern Graffiti by CT

As a graphic artist, I’m a sucker for the bold vector style of Italian graffiti artist, CT, whose modern take on wall art is making waves on the blog scene. Even better, he still kicks it old style and uses “squared paper and a black pen” to work out his pieces — hott! You can […]

The Geometry of Pasta

The Geometry of Pasta from Pan Marketing on Vimeo. Are you lacking an Italian in your life? Ever wonder what all those amazing pasta shapes are for, and why choosing a certain shape over another matters? I certainly am, and have. Thankfully there’s a decoder cookbook, full of gorgeous black and white illustrations that appeal […]

Recipe: Schiacciata Italian Bread

Jamie Nisbet spent a year living in Florence, Italy, and one of her favorite foods from the region is schiacciata bread. On her blog, she writes: It is a flat bread, whose name is derived from a verb meaning “crushed.” The bread is typically oiled and salted, but can be made into several different varieties […]