Wellesley College Engineering

Friday afternoon, I was vising my friend Amon Millner at Olin College. After finishing up, he invited me to go with him to the nearby Wellesley College and the Engineering Studio. Not knowing quite what to expect, but always interested in seeing hands-on learning spaces, I went along for the ride. What I saw took my breath away and left me speechless. It is still a bit mind boggling to consider what this lab has, and the amazing ideas that have come from it.

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Glowdoodle lets you paint with light

Eric started experimenting with processing and came up with GlowDoodle. A few weeks ago, he showed me the program and we messed around with some light. When we talked, he had the mac version running, and was still in development of the Windows version, which is also now ready for a free download. There are […]

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Amon’s scratch pizza maker

Amon found the usual post party debris the one morning/afternoon and decided to Hook Up some of the stuff to his computer and make something useful. With some pizza boxes, cups, a computer and Scratch, he made a Skeeball type game. Just like the one at the arcade at the mall, but less hungry for […]

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