Fix Our Planet, Part 1: Electrify Everything!

The children are right: This is our last chance for a livable planet. We need an epic effort to elctrify vehicles and entire homes. Makers can make it happen.

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Get a Grip On The Nuts And Bolts of Holding Your Project Together With This Guide On Fasteners

A simple guide to what to use, and when to use it.

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This Intricately Geared 7-segment Display Gives a Gorgeous View Of Your Subscriber Count

Recently my YouTube channel  unexpectedly started to get attention, so I decided to do something special for when it finally reached 1,000 subscribers. An internet-connected live counter seemed like a great way to celebrate the event, with the added bonus that other people could build one themselves. There are already a few excellent split-flap kits […]

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Maker Jimmy DiResta taking off regular glasses and stylishly putting on sunglasses

Jimmy Diresta Talks Youtube

With pencils, stencils, and his trusty bandsaw, Jimmy inspires makers everywhere.

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Take A Peek At The Latest Issue Of Make Magazine

  Subscribers should be getting their paper copies now, and members of the online community can access the digital edition too! For the rest of you, this issue should be arriving on store shelves this month.

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