How It’s Made: A Wooden Reciprocating Rack and Pinion

What is a reciprocating rack and pinion? It’s a geared mechanism that turns rotary movement into linear movement.

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Retired Cleaning Robot Turned Into Abstract Expressionist Painter

Japanese artist and engineer “HYde JII” has turned an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner into a pretty impressive abstract expressionist painter. The robot, named Mr. Head (“Head-kun” in Japanese), a 15 year old Roomba, has retired his janitorial vacuum cleaner and taken up the arts. Four plastic bottles hold acrylic paints while an Arduino-controlled tube and […]

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Printing On The Floor With A Roomba

This printing robot allows one to print on the floor using an iRobot Create combined with an old Epson Inkjet printer. The Roomba allows for forward motion, while a carefully stripped-down printer allows for horizontal motion and something to attach the printing device to. As described, this allows “the robot to print a virtually unlimited […]

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