yarn dyeing

Dye Yarn with Turmeric

Golden Glow: Dye Yarn with Turmeric

Dreaming of yarn in gorgeous golden hues for your summertime knitting or crochet projects? Dye yarn with turmeric to create a glowing ombre effect! Next to your garden, the spice rack is always a great place to look for natural dyes, and colorful turmeric definitely doesn’t disappoint! Raid your pantry and create some sunny yellow […]

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How-To: Dye Yarn in Your Slow Cooker

Turn your crockpot into your own personal fiber dyeing factory with this fun tutorial for dyeing yarn in your slow cooker! This method is a great way to customize yarn that’s at least 50% animal fiber (wool, alpaca, etc.), and it will definitely give this year’s cozy cool weather projects that extra-special touch.

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How-To: Dyeing Yarn in a Cardboard Box

Try your hand at dyeing your own yarn, minus the harsh chemicals and epic mess!

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Flashback: Dye Your Own Yarn, Naturally

Natural dyeing is a great way to learn more about plants growing around you and how your yarn is processed. It’s a lot of fun, and you’re sure to get some interesting and rewarding results!

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Kool-Aid Wool Dyeing Tips

Want to dye your own wool or yarn, but don’t want to use harsh chemicals to achieve those pretty bright colors? Check out this Kool-Aid dying post!

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