A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Dyeing

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A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Dyeing

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Alicia points us to the blog, Echoes of a Dream by Simmy and her great beginner’s guide to natural dyeing. Check out also her blog for other tutorials such as felt dandelions and the padded pinboard. Link.

2 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Dyeing

  1. Lannyt says:

    I have seen hand dyeing of very high end velvet designer fabric done in Italy by some former craftsmen from the Fortuny company.
    It’s a wonder to behold. First they compound the dyes using the same recipes / formulas as devised by the master, Mariano Fortuny, well before the turn of the last century.
    The dyes are spectacular in color and render the designer fabrics, in most cases highest quality velvets, into a rainbow of the most incredible colors. These same hand dyed fabrics are then hand printed with designers carved out of wooden bocks, turning them into designer fabric works of art. See some of these designer fabrics at http://www.iluvfabrix.com

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