Covert Listening Book

[youtube] Connect a shirt pocket “amplified listener” hearing aid with an in-car FM transmitter, and you’ve got a wireless bug. Tuck them inside a hollowed-out book with the mic concealed by the dust cover, and you’ve got a covert listening device that you can leave lying around or on... Read more »

Arishok Costume & Weapon

If you haven’t played the game, check out the interesting trailer online for Dragon Age II. In it you will see a clearly identifiable villain. Long white hair, horns, red tattoo on the chest, boots, pants, coveralls, shoulder pads, sash, criss-cross straps, and a painstakingly brilliant weapon. These are all... Read more »

Skull Ball (Super Geek Beer Pong)

This guide will describe the steps required to build Skull Ball, a DIY interactive game using a teensy microcontroller and a Sharp IR sensor to count ping-pong balls being thrown into a plastic cup mounted in a plastic skull. I built this project in about 5-6 hours the week of... Read more »

Animal Figurine Jewelry Rack

Using cute little animal figurines, we are going to decapitate them and turn them into many mini-busts creating an awesome animal rack. For a more detailed tutorial, check out the accompanying video. As a huge animal nut, I have a ton of animals all over my home. A tiger planter,... Read more »

Snowflake Coasters

For the past few years, I have seen pretty little laser-cut ornaments in the craft stores. Recently, on a paint run to Michael’s, I discovered an assortment of lovely unstained snowflakes. They were so pretty, I scooped up about a dozen or so. They are the perfect size to place... Read more »

How to Preserve a Candy Portrait

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  • 12/18/2012 @ 10:35 pm

Let’s say that you were overzealous with your Halloween candy purchases this year (or maybe trick-or-treater traffic was down in your neighborhood) and now you have a big bag or two of candy that you don’t really want to eat. And then let’s say that there is someone you’ve been... Read more »

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