Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014


Which 3D printer is right for you?

The world of desktop 3D printing is rapidly expanding and new companies and printer models are emerging daily.  With so many options to choose from, how do you decide what machine is right for you?

The second annual MAKE Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing is here to help, with reviews of 23 printers currently on the market.  In this year’s testing, we assembled a diverse team of expert reviewers and put these machines through a battery of tests to determine this year’s standouts.  We focused on the printer’s end users and made recommendations based on goals, budget, and usage setting.  Learn about how we tested for this issue.

This issue issue delves into:

  • Reviews of 23 3D printers
  • 3D scanners and filament extruders
  • Cool, useful, and specialized 3D printed applications
  • CAD Software tutorials

This year we have published the seven reviews for the this year’s standout printers online and will be publishing one additional review each day until they are all available.