Is your 3D printer burning through filament? Guess what — there’s no reason it has to be expensive. With a filament extruder, you can make your own filament from plastic pellets costing as little as $3–$5 a pound, saving you up to 90% compared to purchasing filament from online sellers.

We launched Filabot on Kickstarter with the goal of recycling waste plastic into something useful. The project has evolved into a family of machines, the first of which is our new Filabot Wee, which melts inexpensive PLA or ABS

pellets and extrudes high-quality filament in 1.75mm and 3mm diameters.

The Filabot Wee is designed to use as few parts as possible while still making quality filament, quickly, for fused-filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers. We sell it fully assembled, or as a complete kit. In addition, the Wee is an open hardware project under the terms of the BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license, and we’re making our plans freely available so that anyone can build their own. Here’s how.


Filabot Wee Filament Extruder Specifications

  • Maximum temperature: 350°C
  • Extrude rate: 5ipm–20ipm, depending on plastic and diameter
  • Feed screw speed: 35rpm
  • Input power: 120V AC or 220V AC
  • Power draw: ~300W
  • Footprint: 17″×7″×8″